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Grease Traps

A Grease Trap is a tank used to intercept grease & fat from hotels, restaurants, public houses and canteens. If left untreated it can affect the operation of treatment plants, septic tanks and pumping stations. It can also cause blockages and odours to drainage systems. Grease Traps trap grease and fat by means of gravity separation.

Grease Traps

Grease TrapsGrease traps or separators are used in the catering industry to prevent a build up of FOG's Fats, Oils and Grease from solidifying and blocking drainage systems. Grease TrapA grease treatment system should be installed by catering establishments to help and support the drainage system.

A grease separator/trap installation is particularly important in kitchens and processing plants where more than 30 meals per day are served regularly and grease / bi products are discharged into the foul drainage system. Our Grease Traps and Grease Separators are manufactured from robust high density polyethylene to allow for under ground installation.

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