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Treatment Plant Installation

All Matrix treatment systems are designed to be as simple and straightforward to install.

This section is about highlighting some of the more important considerations in respect of installing a treatment plant. If required, Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

Before considering the installation of a treatment plant, it will be necessary to obtain’Consent to Discharge' from the Environment Agency, together with any necessary planning and Building Regulation approvals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in completing the above.

When considering where to install a treatment plant there are a number of factors:

The position of the treatment plant should also allow gravity drainage of the foul system to the plant. The minimum distance from any habitable building is 7 metres. This will be determined by Local Authority Building Control but there must also be reasonable access for maintenance and to allow a tanker to desludge the plant safely.

It is not recommend pumping sewage to a treatment plant and would always prefer to supply a deeper inlet unit to accept a gravity flow and then pump the discharge away to higher level when required.

On some occasion it is not possible to avoid the need to pump to a treatment plant, in which case we should be consulted to enable us to offer the most efficient system design. On any treatment plant installation there must be an open soil vent pipe at the head of the drainage run to allow ventilation of the system. This should be placed so it is above ridge level of the property with a free flow of air around it. Air admittance valves and tile vents are not acceptable. If any of these are present it will be necessary to independently vent the treatment plant.

In general, all treatment plants should be installed on a flat, level and a set concrete base, suitable for the ground conditions. The unit should then be backfilled with a lean mix concrete surround whilst ballasting the plant with water at the same rate. It is well worth noting that all Matrix treatment systems are flat on the bottom for ease of installation and that the larger systems are rectangular, thereby providing significant cost savings on backfill in comparison to horizontal cylindrical tanks.

Matrix treatment plants can be easily installed in trafficked areas but will require heavy duty covers. Advice must be acquired prior to any installation in such areas.

We will be happy to offer advice and guidance with any installation, but it is the responsibility of a contractor to ensure that the installation method and procedure is in accordance with the ground conditions and all regulatory requirements.

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