Rain Harvesting

Rain center

Our irrigation range does exactly what it says on the tin. It filters water from your roof areas, into an underground tank. The tank is fitted internally with our Aquadrive pressure pump to supply outside taps, hose pipes, sprinkler systems and any other form of irrigation system. We will specify your required tank capacity based on your roof areas and the pump will be specified from the water pressure required.

Watering the garden

The Eco range is the harvester you need if you want to collect your rainwater and supply your washing machine, toilets and outside irrigation with no frills and at a budget cost.Manufactured in durable HDPE and GRP tanks (size dependent), this range is supplied with thecomponents fitted internally (with the exception of the top-up controller).Although maintenance and monitoring of the harvester is not as easily carried out as our amazing Rain centre range, the Economy range is equal too if not better than much of the competition on the market.The economy range is fitted with the trusted UK manufactured 3P technik top - up controller to ensure your harvester is topped up from the mains water supply if the rainwater runs dry.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective solution
  • Strong GRP/HDPE tanks
  • 3P technik components to fully comply with UK water regulations.
  • Easy set up procedure
  • High quality alphaClean Filter
  • Aquadrive plus pressure control pump

Included In The Price

  • GRP tank including internal pipework
  • 3P technik top-up controller
  • Aquadrive pressure pumps
  • alphaClean filter DN100 filter
  • Calmed inlet
  • Floating intake
  • Syphoned overflow
  • Cover & frame

Optional: Connection & security system

Home Garden Rain Harvesting

We love our Rain Centre range, due to the central intelligence unit having control of the entire system (including mains top-up) and being wall mounted externally.

Maintenance of this kit is extremely easy making the investment in rainwater harvesting 'hassle-free' and thus guarantees constant reliability. The differential between the Rainwater comfort & basic range is the Water level indicator which enables you to see the level of rainwater within the tank in %, m3 or cm, whichever you prefer.

The alphaClean Filter DN100 supplied, cleans 99% per cent of the filtered water and is extremely robust compared to its competitors. The GRP tanks supplied with this range are of exceptional quality.

Features & Benefits

  • External compact central unit
  • Mains top-up controller - quick installation Plug & Pump
  • GRP tanks between 1000 - 40,000-litre capacity
  • Clearwater without aggressive and abrasive loading constituents
  • Extremely easy maintenance
  • Dry running protection on conductance
  • Check valve permits
  • Switch to manual operation
  • Rain Comfort - supplied with
Top Up and Filter
  • GRP tank including internal pipework
  • Rain centre basic or comfort
  • alphaClean filter DN100 filter
  • Calmed inlet
  • Floating intake
  • Syphoned overflow
  • Cover & frame
Rain Center Basic / Comfort

About Rain Harvesting

Harvested water is generally used both commercially and domestically.

  • Toilet flushing
  • Washing machines
  • Garden and plant irrigation

Rainwater is always collected from the roof then heavily filtered. UK homes using some form of rainwater harvesting system can reduce their mains water usage by 50% or more. Introducing our range of commercial and domestic rainwater harvesters. We can offer from 1000 - 40,000-litre capacity harvesting units.

Features & Benefits

  • Can reduce water mains
  • water usage by up to 50%
  • Sustainable home code - Harvesting water raises the score of a newly designed home
  • Helps with planning con-sents
  • Self-funding over time
  • Back-up water supply should your mains service be interrupted
Rain Harvesting

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